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Enrolment at Riverview School

This page will give you an overview of all our enrolment details and information.


Riverview School Enrolment Scheme:

Since Tuesday October 25 2011, Riverview School has had an Enrolment Scheme operating.  The intent of this scheme is to manage the number of children attending the school.  Experience has shown that, without such a scheme, the school receives too many children for the physical facilities that we have.  

The Scheme gives the right for any family, living within the zone approved by the Ministry of Education, to have their children attend the school.   Any pre-enrolment is contingent on your child being in zone at the date on which they start school.  For families outside this area, a ballot system is used when there is space available, to prioritise who may attend.  

For full details on the Scheme and the zoned area, please go to these links:

​Enrolling your child

Enrolment pack information is available through the links below, or you may prefer to collect a pack from our office. 

We welcome any inquiry that you may have.  All forms are required to be completed upon enrolment, so we ask that you take a moment to check them through as you complete them.

Extra information

The Riverview School Handbook, the Riverview School Bus Safety & Behaviour Contract, and Online publication of students images procedure.  Also included is information about Healthy Food Practices and Water only school.

Cohort Entry

Riverview School uses the “cohort entry” model for children beginning school for the first time.  This means that children do NOT begin school on their fifth birthday, as has been the case for many years. 

Instead, children begin in a group at the beginning, and middle of each term.  We believe that this will make the transition more effective for children, as they enter school with a group of peers at the same time, and  have a more tailored induction programme.

We encourage all parents and children to participate in our pre-school orientation programme.  Full details of this programme are available from the office or on our website.

​Parent Meetings

The Assistant Principal will host an information meeting for parents, each term, for those who have a five-year-old child starting in the following term.  For 2024, these will be between 7:00-8:00pm in the school staffroom (come to the Reception) on the following dates:

Starting Term         Meeting dates                   
2                              Tuesday 13 February    
3                              Tuesday 4 June
4                              Tuesday 6 August
Term 1, 2025          Tuesday 29 October

Student visits before starting school

Usually, families are invited to bring their child for two pre-school visits (see below).  This allows children, and their parents, to meet the teacher, and become familiar with the school.  Visits will be from 8:45am until 10.35am.  For 2024, these are planned as following:

Starting Term (Week 1) - Visit dates

Term 2

28 March and 4 April

Term 3

20 and 27 June

Term 4

12 and 19 September

Term 1, 2025

28 November and 5 December

Starting Term (Week 6) - Visit dates

Term 1

22 and 29 February

Term 2

23 and 30 May

Term 3

15 and 22 August

Term 4

31 October and 7 November 

Parents are expected to stay.  Please phone the school office to book.  Due to space issues, we ask that younger siblings are not brought along.

If you have any questions or require help with the forms, please contact reception by phoning 09 407 7277.

International Students

Riverview School does not enrol children who are categorised as “International Students".  Some state schools have a licence (Code of Compliance) to accept international, fee-paying students.  This licence requires a great deal of work to ensure the wellbeing of students.  Riverview School does not have this Code of Compliance and thus cannot accept international students.

If you wish to know whether your child is entitled to attend our school (i.e. is not an international student), please check online at