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Bus Transport

Many of our students use the free bus service which is operated by the Kerikeri Schools Transport Network (KSTN) on contract to the Ministry of Education.  To be eligible for this service, a student must live at least 3.2kms from the school; there are no “casual” bus users permitted (e.g. to attend a sleepover at a friend’s house).  At enrolment, the Reception staff will tell you what bus your child is eligible to catch; full details of eligibility and bus routes/stops are available from Reception.  Students must only catch the bus for which they are eligible.

All eligible bus students are issued with photographic ID cards by the school; they must display these to the drivers when getting on/off the bus.  The drivers may refuse to take them if there is no ID card – or an incorrect one.

The KK8A ‘Town’ bus is not part of the KSTN but is operated privately by the bus company (Clarks Coachlines); this route is incorporated into the KK12A route.  This bus stops outside the Public Library and then at the High School.  Students using this bus must pay the driver $3.50 per trip; 10-trip concession tickets are available at the office at a cost of $30.00.          
The first buses (‘early buses’) to leave are the Riverview (KK12A including KK8A), and Waipapa West (KK10A) buses, which all leave promptly at 3.00pm.  These children assemble between Rooms 17 and 18.

The ‘late bus’ students - Pungaere (KK1), Takou Bay (KK2), Te Tii (KK4), Kāpiro Road (KK5), Ōpito Bay (KK8), and Puketōtara (KK9) - assemble in their bus lines, at the 2.55pm bell, between Rooms 15 and 16.  Their buses depart between 3.10pm and 3.25pm.                                                                     

Location NumberDepartsMeeting Area
Uptown BusKK 8A 3.00pmBetween Rooms 17 and 18
Riverview KK 12A3.00pmBetween Rooms 17 and 18
Waipapa WestKK 10A3.00pmBetween Rooms 17 and 18
PungaereKK 13.15pmBetween Rooms 15 and 16
Takou BayKK 23.15pmBetween Rooms 15 and 16
Te TiiKK 43.15pmBetween Rooms 15 and 16
Kapiro RoadKK 53.15pmBetween Rooms 15 and 16
Opito BayKK 83.15pmBetween Rooms 15 and 16
Puketōtara  RdKK 93.15pmBetween Rooms 15 and 16

To be eligible for the free bus service, a student must live at least 3.2km from the school; there are no “casual” bus users permitted (e.g. to attend a sleepover at a friend’s house).

Students must get off at their scheduled stop, unless prior arrangements are made with the bus company. The buses, and the students who use them, are the responsibility of the school until they leave the school.

To ensure the safety of your children, you must advise the school if your child is changing their travel arrangements. Otherwise, we will require your child to travel as usual.Senior students are chosen as bus monitors to assist with the management of other students on each bus. All students using the bus service must be aware of, and follow, the bus rules. These will be explained to all students prior to using the bus service. All students must act sensibly and responsibly whilst travelling on the bus.

You can assist us by ensuring your children wait at the designated bus stop and, when meeting your children, please wait at the designated bus stop; do not wait on the opposite side of the road.

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