What's On At Riverview

2019 End of Year Awards

Leadership                                       Joe Jackson              

Citizenship                                       Jamie Nikora    

Service to the School                      Dillan Blithe-Drake

Academic Excellence                      Joe Jackson      

Sporting Excellence                        Amelia Horsfield

Ella Johnson-Phillips

Environmental Excellence              Skye Robinson

Cultural Excellence                         Ethel Hapeta-Kemp

Lola Scott

James Simpson-Maccabee

Fergus McPhee

Best All-Round Boy                        Joe Jackson

Best All-Round Girl                          Lola Scott


Year 6 HEARTWISE                        Zane Scott

Year 5 HEARTWISE                       Mia Sime   

Year 4 HEARTWISE                       Madison Wihongi    

Year 3 HEARTWISE                       Alexander Wall      

Year 2 HEARTWISE                       Olivia Cardoso 

Year 1 HEARTWISE                       Georgia Kitchingman       

Stand Out of the Week and lunch with the Principal

Each week, teachers nominate one child to be the Stand Out from their class; the criteria are very broad – it could be for anything from academic effort, progress, or achievement, to behaviour, or HEARTWISE values.  These students are celebrated at Friday’s school assembly and invited to lunch with the Principal on the following Monday (in the Principal’s courtyard if fine, and the Library if wet).