What's On At Riverview

Riverview School Cross Country

The Riverview School Cross Country will be held on Thursday 6 June between 10.30am and 2.00pm.  The postponement dates are Tuesday 11 June or Thursday 13 June.  The venue is Kapiro Station (Takou Bay Road).  Children will be transported to the venue by bus.  Children will run at their age on 1 January.  Further details to follow.

Cross Country practices have started for all students.  Please make sure that your children have appropriate clothing (including footwear) for the practices; if they are unable to train, due to illness or injury, please let the teacher know.

Stand Out of the Week and lunch with the Principal

Each week, teachers nominate one child to be the Stand Out from their class; the criteria are very broad – it could be for anything from academic effort, progress, or achievement, to behaviour, or HEARTWISE values.  These students are celebrated at Friday’s school assembly and invited to lunch with the Principal on the following Monday (in the Principal’s courtyard if fine, and the Library if wet).