Bible in Schools

Helping your child make good life choices, Bible in Schools uses the traditional Bible stories to reinforce the basic Christian values being taught at Riverview School.  The importance of H.E.A.R.T.W.I.S.E (Honesty, Excellence, Aroha, Respect, Tolerance, Whanau, Inquiry, Sustainability, and Effort) and related attributes are illustrated in some form in each half-hour lesson.  Programmes include issues of reliability & trustworthiness, standing up for truth, self-discipline & self-control, doing one’s best, consideration of others with caring & compassion, unselfishness, general respect & good manners, respect for rules, and understanding and acceptance of cultural differences.

The NZ Bible in Schools Curriculum also places a value on the spiritual dimension and development of spiritual well-being. Our voluntary teachers acknowledge and respect the variety of experience and beliefs represented by the children and their families, so they will present knowledge of the Christian faith without any expectation of commitment, as an aid to the development of the students’ own beliefs and values.

For more information, call into the school office.