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Parents in the Classroom

Parents are always welcomed as helpers both in the classroom and out of it and will be directed to appropriate tasks by the class teacher. Please note agreement is to be signed by each regular parent helper to ensure confidentiality. If you would like more information please speak to a member of the Senior Management Team.

Healthy Food Guidelines at Riverview School

After consulting the community and working to adhere to the information coming to us from the Ministries of Education and Health we now have healthy food guidelines in place. Please click here to read more about the guidelines.


A list of the required stationery will be given at enrolment, or at the beginning of the school year. At the beginning of each year the school will provide a stationery sales service to parents/caregivers, to allow them to purchase pre-packed stationery for their child/ren. We recommend this option. These pre-packed boxes will contain the stationery your child will need. Stationery is purchased in bulk at the start of the school year, and the discounts gained are passed on in the price charged to the children. Please name all items.

Purchase of Stationery pre-packs can be made at the school office:

The school provides a stationery sales service to parents/caregivers, to allow them to purchase pre-packed stationery for their child/ren.  For 2021 these packs include some items that are unique to the stationery provider that we order from - these items are not available from retailers.  We highly recommend that you buy from the school office.  Stationery is purchased in bulk at the start of the school year, and the discounts gained are passed on in the price charged to the parents.   

  • All stationery packs are $35.
  • It is important that all the children have their stationery to use from the first day of school, Tuesday 2 February 2021.
  • All stationery needs to be at school as teachers have a plan for the management of extra stationery.
  • The official school hat is compulsory for 2021 ($16); it can be purchased from the school office.

Purchase of Stationery pre-packs can be made on:

Tuesday                      26 January 2021                   9.00am to 3pm

Wednesday                27 January 2021                   9.00am to 6pm

Thursday                    28 January 2021                   9.00am to 3pm

Friday                         29 January 2021                   CLOSED         

We can accept payment by KINDO, Eftpos, cash, or internet banking.

Bank Account: 12-3091-0132140-00 (place child’s name & year level e.g. J Smith Y5)

If you pay by internet the stationery will be delivered to your child’s class with their name on it.


With the new provision of an additional $150 per student funding from the Ministry of Education, we are not able to ask or require families to provide a device for their child at school.  However, the additional funding falls far short of our being able to provide a device for each student, which is the aim of a “Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)” project.  In light of this change, we will do our best to match device ratios to that provided at other year levels (around one device to every three children).  These devices will be kept at school and managed by class teachers.

Parents of children in Years 5 and 6 may provide a device for their own child if they wish.  Such devices will be for the sole use of their own child and they may take the device between school and home as they wish.  

Recommended Device Specification for Year 5/6 in 2021.

Riverview School is primarily a Windows based school, and we use Google Apps for Education.          This is to enable a consistent platform for the teachers to work with.  Screen size: Minimum 11 inch but 13 inch preferred, with a keyboard.  Processor: Dual Core (i5 or better recommended).  RAM: Minimum 4GB (8GB is better), and 16 or 32 GB Hard Disk Drive.  Built in wireless capability.  Battery minimum of 4-6 hours.  Please include a sleeve or cover for the device to protect it when taking it to and from school.  Personal headphones/earbuds are required.  We ask that students come with a virus protection on all their devices as they are accessing our public network. There are some good free ones available to download or purchase one with your device.  We DO NOT WANT students to have high priced, fancy devices. A simple Chrome book is as good an option as any, and does all we plan for in the classroom.

No phones will be allowed in place of a computer-style device.

Parent Contribution 

For 2021, Riverview School has opted to receive additional funding from the government and, in return, we are not seeking parent donations for the additional costs of running the school.

Schools in our position can still receive any donations should members of our community wish to give these, and these donations are still tax deductible, so we are happy to receipt such contributions for this purpose.  However, such a donation would be voluntary and is not solicited by us as a school.

Lost Property

Please clearly name all your children’s clothing; it is only lost if it is not named.  All misplaced clothing is held on a rack outside the Rainbow Room.  All unclaimed lost property is regularly sent to the local opportunity shop, or sold at the Bazaar in Term 3.

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