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Room 8

Welcome to Room 8!   

We are a class of 28 students, 12 boys and 16 girls.  Our class is a composite Year 3/4 class, and we operate as part of the Year 4 team.  We are all looking forward  to a fabulous fun filled year especially with Garden to Table being a year long, weekly experience.  If you can, come along and be a part of this great iniative, we would love to see you.

As Year 4's and 3's, we are going to be preparing ourselves for some wonderful learning by focusing on activities such as a weekly class meeting, which is led by the students, and focusing on our self-management skills when learning in groups.  As the days, weeks, and terms go by we will be posting photos to our Class Dojo for parents and caregivers to gain a bigger picture of our learning activities.